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List of active brothers and e-mail addresses.

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Jean-Luc Aucoin Doug Dizgun Francois Gerard Phong Le Jonathon Munnings Jake Samuel
Jason Carrierre Craig Duncan Adam Gilbert Jimmy Lee Aram Naltchadjian Myles Scott
Shawn Chance Martin Durocher Greg Hession Ryan Legault John O'Sullivan Justin Sherwood
Lenny Corrigan Darren Flemming Trent Johnson Bertrand Lelievre Jason Oh Jason Slaunwhite
Nicolas Courtmanche Matt Folz George Kalampukatlu Patrick McCurdy Hiep Ong Greg Thomson
Kevin Dam Cory Fougere Sean Kirkwood Jeff Morris Dan Powell Ryan Welburn
Tyler Reid          


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Road Trips

Delta Pi has takes two road trips a year, and some are highlighted here. If there are any brothers or chapters interested in visiting our chapter please e-mail us, guests are always welcome.



We participate in many sporting events as a fraternity, both in the greek community and on campus. Here is a picture of our volleyball team winning the tournament in the greek olympics.



Here is our 1995 composite.



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