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The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is pleased to offer the following scholarships. Each Chapter Prior was mailed a complete scholarship information packet which fully details the requirements of all these awards listed below. Only alumni in good standing and legally initiated, active members of chapters are eligible.

Lind Scholarship Awards To a business major $1,000
Samuel Miller Awards To 3 graduate students for original research $1,000 Each
Jimmy Hammerstein Scholarships 4 grants based on need $1,000 Each
Nate Karchmer Scholarships 3 grants based on need for juniors and seniors only $1,000 Each
Ben Savage Scholarship Based on need and fraternity interest $1,000
Martin Sherman Scholarship To a needy and worthy sophomore, junior or senior, average required $1,000
Sidney H. Guller Scholarships 2 grants to needy and worthy upperclassmen $1,000 Each
Raymond Helen Sandler Scholarship Based on need with 'A' average required for junior, senior or graduate student $1,000
Preston R. Tisch Scholarship To a needy frater not a freshman with 'A' average $1,000
Terry Semel Scholarship To a needy former or present chapter officer, average is required $1,000
Seymour D. Weiss Engineering Scholarship Available to juniors, seniors or graduate students with first preference to Civil Engineering, Land Surveying Mapping or Environmental Engineering majors with 'A' average $1,000
Milken Family Scholarship For sophomores above majoring in education, average required $1,000
Judy Schwartz Scholarship Based on need and worth for sophomores or above $1,000
Theodore J. Ignall Scholarship Available to a Liberal Arts senior with 'A' average who is going on to graduate school $1,000
Hanno Mott Scholarship Applicants must be in law school or seniors intending to go to law school with 'A' average and involved in Jewish service activities $1,000
Marshall M. Gelfand Scholarship For sophomores or above who are Business/Management students with an accounting major and a 2.5 GPA $1,000
William P. Schwartz Scholarship For daughters of fratres who are sophomores or above with a 2.5 GPA and financial need $1,000
Martin Howard Miller Scholarship For sophomores or above with financial need and are currently or have previously exercised a leadership position in their chapter $1,000
David D. Levinson Scholarship Applicants may be undergrads other than freshmen or graduate students with a GPA 2.75/4.0; Preference given to those who are challenged or disabled in some way $1,000
Harvey Weisblat Scholarship 1 grant for undergrads or graduate students with good scholastic standing and academically studying aviation or demonstrably seeking an aviation career, such as flying, maintenance, flight operations, air traffic control or other aviation related fields $2,000
Louis Fannie Guller Scholarship Open to sophomores, juniors seniors with demonstrated financial need, 2.5/4.0 GPA and Business Administration majors $1,000
Sidney Bielfield Scholarship For sophomores or above with financial need and 'A' average with demonstrated leadership or outstanding participation in chapter or campus affairs $1,000
Sonia Brown Memorial Scholarship Open to sophomores, juniors or seniors who demonstrated need and worth, academic average will be considered $1,000
Donald Stein Scholarship For sophomores or juniors of Big Ten chapters with preference to sons of fratres with demonstrated need and a 2.25 GPA or above $1,000
Allan E. Miller Scholarship Open to graduate student fratres in any academic field with demonstrated financial need $1,000
Bill Schwartz Scholarship For Alumni or wives returning to school, or children natural or adopted of fratres including those of deceased fratres with demonstrated financial need and grades at accredited 4 year schools $1,000
Benjamin P. Goldman Scholarship For graduating seniors accepted to an accredited law school $1,000
Manuel Leve Scholarship 4 grants open to all undergraduate Jewish fratres with financial need, with GPA of or above involved in Jewish activities, prerference to Purdue students for 2 grants $1,000 Each
David S. Coleman Scholarship For sophomores and above with preference to California fratres based on need with a GPA $1,000
Royal Flagg Jonas Scholarship Open to any undergraduate frater whose chapter is at a public university in his home state or province based on need, with an academic average sufficient, if maintained, to lead to graduation $1,000

In addition to these scholarships, several chapters are the beneficiaries of additional scholarships. The following chapters received information on scholarships available only to their members: Theta, Omicron, Sigma Beta, Sigma Delta, Sigma Zeta, Sigma Theta, Sigma Phi, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Omega, Mu Gamma, Mu Chi and Sigma Gamma. Please contact the National Office if you need additional application forms.

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